Singapore Bus Booking

singapore bus booking 13 seater minibus

13 Seater Minibus

For Small Group

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $80
  • Charter Services - $50/hour (min 4)
  • One Way / Departure - $60
  • 13 Passengers with no luggage
  • 9 Passenger with 8 luggage
singapore bus booking 23 seater coach

23 Seater Coach

Ideal for Mid Group

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $140
  • Charter Services - $90/hour (min 4)
  • One Way / Departure - $110
  • 23 Passengers with no luggage
  • 14 Passenger with 10 luggage
singapore bus booking 49 seater coach

49 Seater Coach

Ideal for Any Group

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $250
  • Charter Services - $140/hour (min 4)
  • One Way / Departure - $200
  • 49 Passengers with no luggage
  • 49 Passenger with 25 luggage

Book A Bus in Singapore with The Best Singapore Bus Booking Service

We at Singapore Bus Booking are your one-stop shop for all the reliable, safe, and high-quality transportation services in Singapore that you need. With all the travel chaos and anticipations in mind, Singapore Bus Booking, one of the leading Charter Bus Singapore services, offers the best travel solution to its esteemed guests and travelers to the most vibrant place on earth, Singapore. When traveling around Singapore with a large group, our 13, 23 and 49-seater coaches are ideal for taking you to the places. Along with traveling luxuriously and comfortably over Singapore, our 13 to 49-seater coaches are available for rent at the most affordable prices in Singapore.

Things You Need to Know
  • FREE bottle of water - Subject to availability
  • Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars and are One Way
  • Only Singapore registered drivers and vehicles
  • Trip starts from Changi Airport, Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Singapore Cruise Centre will incur an
    arrival pick up fee
  • Trip starts or ends in Tuas, Jurong Island and Lim Chu Kang incurs $30 surcharge.
  • Additional Singapore Pick up / Drop off - $20 to $40
  • Pick up time late-night charges (23:00 - 06:29 Next day) - $20-$40. (Not applicable on drop off time)
  • Waiting charges are charged at $5-$10 per 5 minutes per vehicle. Please choose a time when everyone can be ready. All waiting charges will be paid to the drivers for their time and patience. Happy driver happy ride.
  • For all other locations, please use the booking form to get your own quote
  • For tours or unknown itinerary, please book hourly minimum 10 hours
  • Prices include carpark, fuel, toll, driver meal, driver hotel, and driver gratuity
  • A surcharge of 20% for popular weekends and holidays.
  • A surcharge of 50-100% for the CNY Period. The surcharge is necessary to ensure the correct driver is assigned to you.
  • Do not exceed the capacity of the selected vehicle or risk getting it forfeited
  • Once confirmed, cancellation at 100% refund with a minimum of 7 days' notice, cancellation at 50% refund with a minimum of 3 days' notice.  No refund for all other scenarios. Successful Refunds incur a 5% administrative charge.

Introducing Our Fleet Buses for Large Group Travel

We are here to provide state-of-the-art Book a Bus Singapore services for ceremonies, concerts, and even sightseeing tours around Singapore, including rentals of minibuses. Our Charter Bus Singapore services come fully equipped, making the ride luxurious and comfortable for our clients.

You might be traveling en masse or need to Book Bus Singapore for your private trip; we have what you need. We provide Hire Bus Singapore services in Singapore to help you travel with a bigger team without feeling stressed and tired.

Our 13, 23 and 49-seater coaches provide you with enough legroom and comfortable seats. We invest in providing the best services when our minibus rentals are required in Singapore. We have a vast network of trusted friends and partners ready and available to cater to travelers from across the world to Singapore.

Our group vehicles consist of the size of buses, minibuses, limos, and coaches, based on varying passenger numbers. We have suitable buses to meet your needs, whether you are looking for safe and spacious buses for individuals or groups. Moreover, we can tailor any bus, shuttle, coach or limo to suit just about any need or requirement you might have, whenever it is most convenient for you.

Exceptional Charter Bus Services in Singapore

Singapore Bus Booking's superior reputation in the industry means we provide customers with excellent services, particularly when renting affordable minibuses and coaches. We ensure that our mini bus charter services are 100% satisfactory to our clients. There are no hidden fees, and we offer the best customer service and affordable rates upfront.

When unforeseen circumstances arise, a travel schedule may need to be altered. In contrast, you should not hesitate to contact us if you need to urgently Book Bus Singapore to attend an event.

No matter the situation, you will never be kept waiting by us. We will be pleased to work with you to accommodate your schedule and facilitate you the most while maintaining and exercising within our capacity. Our company owns several vehicles, coaches and minibuses that can be made available in the event of an emergency in the case of transportation.

We are always available round-the-clock whenever you need our assistance. We can offer assistance in making reservations based on your requirements. If you do this, you can pay for the services delivered. We can also offer savings on the cost of transportation if you book our bus rental services.

Why Should You Hire Us As Your Singapore Bus Services?

Whatever your travel needs, whether you're traveling with multiple people or making short trips, our 13, 23 and 49-seater buses are the right choice for you. We specialize in Charter Bus Singapore for the following reasons:

  • Punctuality is our forte
  • Count on us for reliability and trustworthiness
  • Booking system that is hassle-free through online and app
  • Our customers are always our top priority, so we keep in touch
  • Licensed, professional, and government-accredited drivers are part of our team

As a traveler-centered, business-oriented, and government-approved bus booking company in Singapore, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible trip.

Transfers To and From Singapore Changi Airport | Hire Bus Singapore

As part of our commitment to enhancing your travel experience, each reservation with Singapore Bus Booking is provided exceptional service by our dedicated professional drivers. You will enjoy your stay in Singapore more with the efficiency and comfort of our professional drivers and, of course, our fleet of top-class minibuses and coaches.

Book a Bus to Singapore for your airport & transfer needs if you're traveling to Singapore for vacation and don't want to wait in long lines at the airport for taxis or shuttles. Taking you to and from the airport ought to be smooth, pleasant, and stress-free. With our service, you will be welcomed at the door on time and transported to your hotel luxuriously and comfortably.

Shuttles may be a hassle to get to Asia's busiest airport. The price points of taxis and buses will vary depending on midnight, rush hour, destination, and city area surcharges. Hiring a reliable Singapore bus service to and from the airport is your best way to control your transportation options and booking process. Singapore Bus Booking comes into play here with our range of services.

We offer an impressive fleet of vehicles for airport transfers, including minibuses and coaches ranging from 13, 23 and 49 seats. These coaches are excellent for airport transfers when traveling with business colleagues or family. They will provide you with plenty of luggage storage space.

The Best Singapore Bus Booking Service Provider Offers Point-To-Point and Charter Services.

As you might know, public transportation is unavailable in some Singapore locations. A reliable shuttle service can save you time by having a reliable shuttle service by your side. When traveling with a large group, planning and navigating your way around Singapore can sometimes be challenging. Making sure you choose an efficient transportation method is an uphill task, ranging from making sure that there will be enough seats available to ensure there is enough luggage space to stretch out and making sure that the ride goes smoothly.

Singapore Bus Booking takes pride in providing a quality transportation service in Singapore and takes the pain out of traveling and moving around Singapore. There is a solution to all your travel concerns! Just come to us, and we will suggest the best-suited travel solution. We offer minibuses and coaches to meet tourist needs, business requirements, governmental organizations, local requirements, and significant transportation needs.

Our highly trained team is dedicated to providing pick-up and drop-off services for Singaporeans going to and from educational institutions. When you hire our minibuses, you can rest assured that all passengers arrive and depart on time and in safety. Get in touch with Singapore Bus Booing for more information about transport services.

Reliable Transportation Company Trusted by Singaporeans

Among the leading Book Bus Singapore companies, Singapore Bus Booking is a leading private bus service provider. Through years of experience, we have transported employees, colleagues, friends, and family from various residences and workplaces. It doesn't matter if it is a Charter Bus in Singapore, a charter bus for school, a charter bus for an event, a wedding bus charter, or a business charter; we are committed to exceeding our client's expectations. Getting around Singapore on our minibuses and coaches is the best way to escape from the crowds and get to your destination quickly.

Singapore To Malaysia Private Bus Coach

It is a much more organized way for large groups to travel from Singapore to Malaysia, and there are many fun things to do along the way. Using public transportation or your vehicle can be time-consuming, but our Book Bus Singapore coaches can save you time and ensure your safety. Additionally, 13 to 49-seater charters provide a cost-effective way to travel with small, mid-sized, or large groups.

Travel between Singapore and Malaysia has never been easier than now. We will take you there regardless of where you wish to go. As a leading coach bus rental service, we are committed to providing flexible transportation options that will suit the needs of groups traveling to various locations around the country that will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you are going to or from any destination in Malaysia, we can ensure that you have the best trip possible. Understandably, your group may sometimes lack information regarding the unique attractions that need to be seen during your trip. From Singapore to Malaysia, we have a team of skilled travel specialists who can suggest the perfect tourist destination for your company.

Ease Of Booking - Mobile App and Website Booking - No Need for Phone Calls

With our intelligent and efficient bus booking app, you can book your transportation at the touch of a button. Get all your bookings done in time and without jugging with a bunch of filters. Get all the reservation details and notifications within the app.

We have overhauled our bus charter portal to make the bus chartering process as easy as possible. Booking a bus is as easy as lifting a finger; no telephone call is required! If you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Booking your transport can be done at

Safe, Reliable, And Certified by Singapore Authorities

To deliver a more comfortable, safe and fun bus travel experience, Singapore Bus Booking is committed to delivering a seamless journey. Having a team of experienced and trained travel professionals to assist clients is one of the benefits of working with us. You can also trust that all our drivers and travel personnel have full licenses and certifications to ensure the best possible service.

Book Bus Singapore, hiring a minibus or luxury bus can take a toll on your pocket if you do not choose the right bus charter company. The good news is that by relying on us, you no longer have to take such a risk. We provide professional Hire Bus Singapore services at an affordable price so every client can afford them. Additionally, we offer travel packages tailored to your needs, including food and accommodations that enhance your travel experience. No matter your spending limit or requirements, we will always provide you with the most suitable bus rental service in Singapore and Malaysia.

In addition to reliable and trusted bus rentals, Singapore Bus Booking also offers other services. Our mission in Singapore is to provide you with the most suitable bus travel options to suit your budget, schedule, and occasion, so we have partnered with some of the most reliable and reputed transporters in Singapore to arrange to meet your travel needs in Singapore with best Charter Bus Singapore ser

We Are Your Preferred One-Stop Booking Website for Minibus and Coaches.

You can count on us to provide the best bus charter services, regardless of the event, the number of passengers, or any other specifications. We have a wide variety of buses in our fleet that are ideal for corporate transportation, group outings, graduation parties, road trips, educational excursions, and a wide range of business travel needs. Whether it is a wedding, a tour, a concert, or a birthday party, our limo buses are the perfect addition to any special event.

Whether planning a long or short trip, keep the idea of reliability in the back of your mind. We rent buses flexibly and can accommodate any schedule you have in mind. There is no standard procedure we follow when offering bus rental services to our customers. Our priority is always to ensure that each commuter's needs are considered before assuming the worst. You will be notified about drop-offs and pick-ups according to and before time to your schedule.

At Singapore Bus Booking, our services go far beyond the simple provision of bus rentals. As a leading bus service provider in Singapore, we are dedicated to giving our customers the best solutions to fit their budget, schedule and occasion. Count on us for an airport transfer, within the city or outer the country road trip and safe and sound trips for destinations and events.

We are just a click away; fill out your traveling information, and we will be available immediately for your services.

Contact Us for Private Bus Charter Services in Singapore

Singapore Bus Booking provides a comprehensive, affordable service for private transportation. Our private hire services in Singapore are suitable for events, corporate meetings, and school transport. Fill out our online booking form or get in touch with us through an accessible mobile application to learn more about us and our private bus service, and one of us will contact you shortly.

To avoid misunderstandings or errors with our Book Bus Singapore services, we recommend making early bookings to gather as much information as possible. With Singapore Bus Booking, you won't be charged extra for making reservations, so why not Charter Bus Singapore today?

What is the maximum capacity of a Singapore Bus Coach?

49 Passengers and 25 luggage. 

How Can I Book For Singapore Bus Services?

What Are The Mode Of Payment for Singapore Bus Booking?

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Paynow QR
  • Bank Transfer

When Should i Book For Singapore Bus Services?

Minimum 2 days in advance. This is to ensure there is always an available vehicle for you. 

Where Can I Book A Smaller Vehicle?

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Booking With Singapore Book Bus?

  • More than 7 days from the service date, 100% refund.
  • More than 3 days from the service date, 50% refund.
  • No refund for any other scenario. 

Payments made by Credit Card, Debit Card, Paynow QR are subjected to 5% administrative fee. Only Bank Transfers Via Paynow UEN or Bank Account Number  is able to get 100% refund. 

Do The Driver Provide Meet And Greet Service?

You may purchase the meet and greet service as an add-on on our website.

What is the waiting time?

  • Airport Arrival Pick Up - Driver will arrive 40-60 minutes after the flight lands and wait for 60 minutes
  • Departure - 5 minutes
  • Point-to-Point - 5 minutes
  • Singapore to Malaysia Trip - 5 mins at the pick up point and 30 minutes after the last person board at each checkpoint.

It is extremely important to be punctual for your booking and ensuring you have the correct and valid immigrations document for Singapore to Malaysia Trip. For unexpected delay, please at least ring up to inform the driver and he will provide necessary advices.

Do We Have To Alight At Singapore And Malaysia Checkpoints?